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Targeted relief from low back pain and sciatica

Whether your low back pain is worse with running, standing, lifting, or even just sitting around we will help you find the cause!

 Low back pain is one of the most common musculo-skeletal issues in the United States, accounting for about 90 billion dollars annually! "About 25.9 million people reported back pain in 1998. Back pain was also attributed to a higher per-person medical cost than non-back pain patients."

Luo. X Journal of Spine January 2004

Low back pain is a very complex and complicated symptom that can come from many different sources. At precision manual therapy & rehab we specialize in quality assessment, detailed treatment, and long term relief.

Frequently asked questions:


Can precision manual therapy help with sciatica?

                -One of the things that is so fascinating about nerve pain such as sciatica is that current research suggests that it is not actually the pressure on the nerve that is the common cause of pain, but rather the chemical inflammation caused by the pressure. What does this mean for you? It means that if we reduce the amount of irritation to the area we can often achieve significant relief from symptoms even if there is an underlying problem.


I have a bulging disc, is there anything I can do to help myself?

                -Recent studies actually suggest that a large portion of the population has bulging or herniated discs without any pain! Other studies conducted by Robin McKenzie suggest that repeated movement in the opposite direction may actually move the disc back to its' original position! Call today to find out how quickly you can get back to the activities you love.


Isn't low back pain just part of getting old?

                -Studies conducted by Shirley Sahrmann suggest that pain comes from poor movement patterns such as repeatedly bending forward with the low back rather than with the hips. We have experienced at our office that even in advanced age if we change how we move so that we stop irritating the problem then the symptoms can improve significantly in just a short time. Imagine very gently tapping your toe with a hammer for an hour everyday; overtime your toe is going to become very sensitive to even the smallest movement. At precision manual therapy we focus on "taking away the hammer" to allow the area to rest and heal.


 I had an injury years ago, can I really still get relief years later?

                - While it is ideal to get quality care as soon as possible after an injury we have found that many of our clients find significant relief even after having suffered 10 or even 20 years!


 My doctor says I have stenosis, arthritis, or degenerative disc disease. Can precision manual therapy fix this?

                - Recent studies suggest that physical changes such as these may be caused by poor movement patterns such repeatedly bending forward with your spine rather than your hips. While precision manual therapy cannot reverse these physical changes we frequently find that when we correct the movement patterns the pain associated with them can be significantly reduced.

So I have an interesting back story.  I've had severe back pain off and on for over a decade.  I've only been seen by military doctors, and I never even had an MRI until a year ago - - all of those doctors (7 total) just prescribed me Motrin and told me that back pain is normal.  I even had one Dr. tell me that I had back pain because we evolved from monkeys and our bodies are designed to walk upright - - he told me that before even looking at my records or any x-rays!  

I finally got a good Dr., but eventually got referred to physical therapy.  The first therapist I saw (also military) wrote me off before even assessing my back - - he told me that most people have back pain and my case was nothing special.  

I finally decided to come out of pocket and find someone who actually cared and knew what they were doing.  That's when I found Dave.  He spent a lot of time on assessment and analyzing all my different symptoms before ever trying to tell me what was wrong.  His diagnosis (prognosis?) was actually opposite of what every therapist or Dr. had previously told me, and in fact, some of the stretching and other movements I had been prescribed were actually doing more harm and making it worse.  Dave did his precision massage thing the first 2 times I saw him before ever doing proper stretching.  Once he started working on my flexibility it was like being a kid again - - more flexibility than I had had in many years!  

I really like that Dave tries to FIX the problem rather than trying to get a patient who relies on him forever.  It shows his integrity and commitment to healing rather than just treatment.